Comment nettoyer les bijoux en argent ? 5 conseils à connaître

How to clean silver jewelry? 5 tips to know

It's natural to have doubts when it comes to how to clean silver jewelry . However, the natural beauty and luster of sterling silver can be restored simply by keeping in mind a few tips for its care and cleaning.

If you have come this far, you are probably interested in caring for your jewelry, which is why we invite you to stay with us and read our advice.

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Learn to recognize the type of silver in your jewelry

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Silver is a material that can be classified according to its purity, which is expressed by a numerical series engraved on part of the jewelry. The common names are as follows:

  • Pure silver , in the past, was widely used for creating kitchen utensils or jewelry, but being an unaltered material, it had little strength.
  • On the other hand, 950 silver has a purity of 95% which corresponds to pure silver. The remaining 5% refers to its alloy with other metals (usually copper) and is used to give it greater hardness and strength. Although it is a derivative of pure silver, its use is not very common for jewelry making.
  • Finally, we have the so-called 925 silver , which owes its numbering to the fact that it has a purity of 92.5%, while the remaining 7.5% corresponds to alloy materials.

This material allows you to create jewelry of great beauty , which is why it is so sought after all over the world. As the latter denomination is the most common, we will focus on how to clean 925 silver jewelry .

1. Use baking soda

Have you ever wondered how to clean silver that has turned black ? One of the most commonly used methods is baking soda. The procedure is as simple as putting water in a saucepan and bringing it to a boil. During this time you need to take a bowl and cover it with foil, leaving the matte layer facing up.

Then you have to place two tablespoons of baking soda inside the bowl and add the water that we have just boiled to it. In this solution we will let the jewelry rest for more or less fifteen minutes.

During this time, the sterling silver will release the dirt. Once the allotted time has passed, you need to take out each piece of jewelry and gently clean it with a soft cloth.

2. Try cleaning your jewelry with white vinegar

glass with baking soda and spoon

How to clean silver jewelry with white vinegar? White vinegar is a liquid that we all have at home and although cleaning silver jewelry is not the first thing we think of when it comes to doing it, let us tell you that it is. is one of the most effective elements to do this.

Simply place each piece of silver jewelry in a container deep enough so that the entire piece is covered. We let it sit for a few hours and after that we dry it and trim it to get enough shine.

3. Try baking soda and white vinegar

An extremely effective alternative to using baking soda to clean jewelry is to combine it with white vinegar.

To do this, simply place a measure of white vinegar in a container where the jewelry can be completely covered. A measure of baking soda is also added to the vinegar, then the jewelry is placed inside. Let it sit for a few hours and when you take it out, rub it gently with a dry cloth to remove all the dirt and make it shine.

4. Cleaning silver jewelry with salt

Can you clean silverware with salt? The answer is yes. In fact, the procedure that we must follow to employ it is basically the same as that of the previous tip, with the only difference that instead of baking soda we add salt.

If we are not satisfied with the result, we can repeat the procedure a second time and finish by lightly rubbing the jewelry to remove the dirt that has not gone away.

For this and all previous points, try not to immerse jewelry with gemstones, pearls or a black gradient, as the chemical composition of these solutions could alter their natural shine.

5. How to clean silver jewelry with sparkling water?

We agree that this tip may be unexpected for many. It is not very common to think that sparkling water can help us preserve and maintain the natural shine of jewelry, but its effectiveness is real.

In fact, its effectiveness is very high and its action very gentle with silver jewelry . To use this method, pour the contents of your sparkling water of choice into a deep container, such as a glass or glass jar.

Let it sit overnight and, when you wake up, dry and polish each piece of jewelry individually, using a soft cloth.

It is not very difficult to restore the natural shine of silver, but preventing tarnishing is the most recommended option.

How to maintain and polish silver jewelry?

Now that you know our best tips on how to clean a silver ring, how to clean a silver chain , a pair of earrings or a bracelet , it's time to present some recommendations on care and maintenance.

  1. Do not wear silver jewelry when cleaning. Otherwise, cleaning chemicals can alter the shine of the jewelry and cause it to wear out.
  2. Store each piece of jewelry in its original cover. This will help prevent premature damage caused by environmental factors.
  3. Take care that your silver jewelry does not come into contact with your daily chemicals, such as perfumes, creams or makeup.

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