Bijoux minimalistes du Québec : 5 pièces à posséder absolument

Minimalist jewelry from Quebec: 5 pieces to absolutely own

Do you know why Quebec minimalist jewelry has become so popular? At NEUF.VINGT.CINQ we love all styles and we think each one is amazing. Every woman is unique, creative, free and therefore her taste in fashion and jewelry is an interesting acquired taste that we love to admire.

It is well known that fashion fluctuates, but what we seek to emphasize is that all styles are valid. Every personal style is unique, and we love that! Knowing this, what better way to complement a personal style, than with jewelry that fits any style and also makes us look amazing?

The special thing about minimalist jewelry is that it gives us the opportunity to be glamorous, sophisticated and stylish, from simple, clean and precise designs.

With this in mind, we have selected five pieces of jewelry from our store that, due to their design and structure, we consider can be used with any personal style.

Buy affordable Quebec jewelry in sterling silver if you can! Add this jewelry to your collection and enjoy complementing modern, classic, timeless outfits full of style and sparkle.

Are you ready to get acquainted with these minimalist jewelry designs ? Take note and add them to your cart!

1. Quebec jewelry: An amulet of protection

The so-called Turkish eye is a powerful amulet of protection against negative energies that can be found in various spaces of our life. To this end, many consider that wearing it on our accessories allows us to ward off grudges, envy and other harmful feelings directed against us.

THE PROTECTOR is a precious chain + pendant set (length 18"), in sterling silver, the center of which features the aforementioned protection symbol, protected in a heart silhouette.

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2. Minimalist jewelry from Quebec: A touch of mysticism

woman showing a ring

The energy of the moon has always had a strong link with feminine energy. Many cultures worship her through the representation of various deities such as the goddess Selene for the Greeks or the goddess Ix Chel within Mayan culture.

THE MYSTIQUE is a piece of sterling silver jewelry, which also contains a fragment of moonstone , capable of helping us stay positive and focused, while achieving greater openness to intuition and creativity.

Another of its benefits is participation in the process of harmonization of the sacral chakra , which will allow us to feel more creative, positive, with greater mental fluidity and imagination.

Without a doubt, one of our favorite minimalist jewels thanks to its precious composition and symbolism, and also the favorite of Amélie, owner and founder of NEUF.VINGT.CINQ.

3. For the modern woman: THE NINE.TWENTY.FIVE

However, in Quebec minimalist jewelry we can also find options that allow us to give a touch of personal style.

The NEUF.VINGT.CINQ is a 925 silver bracelet, to which you can add different charms that allow you to transform it into a unique and incomparable design.

Small numbers, numbers, letters and other patterns. Click here to see some of our best designs.

However, its minimalist design is also perfect to be used alone and without the need to add anything else.

4. Quebec minimalist jewelry: The power of pearls

pearl earrings

Pearls are one of those jewelry elements that cannot be missing from our collection. Their pearly, shiny color has been synonymous with elegance, glamor and sophistication for many years.

In our store, we have two magnificent models: LES FORMIDABLES and LES AGRÉABLES . These are two beautiful pairs of sterling silver earrings (each pair sold separately), adorned with a beautiful imitation pearl, capable of incredibly elevating any outfit you wear.

They are also extremely versatile. You can wear them to complement your office outfit, a casual look for going out with your circle of friends or attending a formal or black tie event. Whatever the context, these magnificent pieces of minimalist Quebec jewelry are an excellent choice.

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5. Wear head-to-toe elegance

Summer is upon us and as the temperatures are more favorable, we can start to have fun with outdoor activities and for this, use lighter and more comfortable outfits. But also, thanks to this we can use accessories that are not normally seen in winter clothing, as is the case of anklets .

As it is an area with low visibility, it is best to complete it with a discreet, simple piece, but of great aesthetic value. LA TIMIDE is a minimalist jewel from Quebec to be beautiful from head to toe. Do not wait any longer !

The most beautiful jewelry from Quebec online made in sterling silver

Now that you know our recommendations, don't wait any longer and choose one of the jewelry that we have mentioned in this article or one of those that you will find on our site .

Don't forget that we have the best jewelry for men and women, in stainless steel and silver respectively. Don't miss reading the rest of the articles on our blog, where you will find interesting articles on QUEBEC JEWELRY FOR BEAUTIFUL AND DIVERSE WOMEN and HOW TO CHOOSE A PERFECT WOMEN'S JEWELRY FOR YOU .

Live an extraordinary shopping experience like each of our loyal customers and enjoy minimalist jewelry in Quebec in sterling silver at affordable prices.

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